Friday, January 29, 2010

T-ara & Supernova - T.T.L MV (Time To Love) [english subs + romanization + hangul]

This songs from T-ARA & SUPERNOVA group [Korean]. This lyrics [english sub] is very meaningfull to me. This is one of my favourite lyrics ever....try to watch their video in youtube [] & u will understand what i mean is....

Good person, u're the first love to me
The person the taught me love
Never forget u
I remember u
I remember only u

[female sings]
Perhaps i'll see u, so i'm wearing the clothes you bought me
And i cut my hair short like u used to like it
To pass by the way i used to walk with u
I went round the long way thinking maybe you'd be there
I still have the same phone number
Thinking maybe you'll look for me again, my house is the same
In my mini hompy i just have the songs we used to listen together
Thinking maybe you'll look & u'll come back again

We still can forget
We still want each other
We're still in love
Separated, honestly i miss u
I miss u like crazy
I'll wait for u no matter what, i'll wait for u 'til the end
I stop to think, i'm standing still


[male sings]
Thinking that maybe i'll see u, & if i see u my heart will tremble
thinking that my heart will sink & u'll see me dry & wrenched
To avoid the way i used to walk with u
I went round the long way thinking maybe you'd be there
I already changed my phone number
Maybe i will keep thinking of u so i moved houses
But in my mouth there are still words unsaid
Thinking maybe you'll look & you'll come back again


I want to tell u to start again
But i can't hear u nor see u even though i'm looking for u

Soaked by the pouring rain
I'm going to the place where we 1st met
I feel so pathetic
There's still a warm spot in my heart for u
You can bear it
Therefore i will be able to bear too
But it will be so hard, I loved u so much
Even though i tried really hard, i can't help it
Thinking that perhaps i'll see u by chance
And u will look at me
In front of the mirror i wipe my tears
Thinking maybe u will come [thinking maybe u will come to me]


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